Audrey Amanda Rain | Harrisburg Newborn Photographer

One of the greatest compliments I can ever get is to be hired by another photographer. I was given the privilege to capture moments for the ever so talented Marc Faubel at Echo Reality Photography. He and his beautiful family came for a visit to my studio following the birth of their New Year’s baby, Audrey Amanda Rain.
Calvin, Audrey’s big bother, is extraordinarily filled with love for his sister. Obvious in the photos he is a very proud big brother. Luckily Calvin does not have photographer’s child syndrome that’s for sure!

Something I care very deeply about and part of the passion that fuels my job is seeing women become mothers. The first several weeks following a birth can become a blur. So many women not only in my professional life but my personal life have expressed this to me. Although a blur, it is a magical few weeks. The beginning of a life and a new adventure. Seeing someone fall into this role is something so special and I am incredibly blessed to be part of it.

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